Protect The Systems That Keep You Safe .

The technology that we rely on to keep us safe is not invulnerable. It’s important to maintain your security systems and make timely repairs to individual elements like security cameras and automatic gates. You will not find more qualified expertise in that area than Gate Opz. Contact us to schedule security system maintenance and repairs in East Texas. 

Preventative Security System Maintenance

Gate Opz provides preventative maintenance via quarterly check-ins that help you avoid unexpected security system failures.


don't wait to act

Unlike most kinds of technology, it’s not wise to wait until security systems break down to seek repairs. Our team can service each aspect of your residential or commercial security systems, but two of the most common elements that need periodic attention are security cameras and automatic gates. We offer security camera maintenance that’s intended to keep cameras online and avoid blind spots in your surveillance system. We also maintain automatic gates to avoid issues with the gate motor or chains.

preventative maintenance

You won't have to wonder if your systems are operational with scheduled preventive maintenance for security systems from Gate Opz.

Security Camera Repairs

Gate Opz can repair and replace security cameras on demand or provide scheduled preventive maintenance for security cameras.

Automatic Gate Repairs

The Gate Opz team are experts at repairing automatic gates. In fact, sometimes we’re able to fix your automatic gates over the phone.

qualified experts

Gate Opz is the most experienced security company in East Texas. Contact us for fast and affordable repairs.


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