Living in Texas is certainly an appealing idea. With its rich sense of community, growing list of tech hubs, and plenty of sports teams to root for, the reasons to call Texas home are plentiful.

Before making the move to the Lone Star State, though, you probably want to figure out which cities are the safest. As it turns out, there are more than enough options for places to relocate to that offer inhabitants a blissful sense of security.

Below are several lists that should help you decide where would be best to plant some roots in Texas — especially if safety is a top priority.

What Are The Safest Cities in Texas Overall?

There are plenty of safe places to live in Texas, but none will put you and your family at ease more than the following five cities, all of which take safety to a new level.


Population: 26,924

Crime Rate: 3.64

Arguably the safest place to live in the state due to extremely low crime rates, Hutto is quickly gaining popularity with folks looking to make the move to Texas. It features a handful of new schools, and its Austin suburb setting makes for a family-friendly environment to raise kids and keep everyone safe.

Trophy Club

Population: 13,090

Crime Rate: 5.42

Located not far from Dallas and Fort Worth, Trophy Club is an affluent suburb that was actually a planned community that includes a luxurious golf course. Time and time again, it’s mentioned as one of the best places to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It only makes sense that it takes the cake as Texas’ safest city, considering its name.


Population: 13,790

Crime Rate: 4.57

Not long ago, Fulshear was one of the smallest communities in Texas. However, the population has begun to blossom there as people realize what a terrific place it is to live in. It’s close to Houston and is considered one of the most affluent cities in the state.


Population: 27,262

Crime Rate: 5.76

Just a few miles away from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is Colleyville, a city known for its peace and quiet. Appealing largely to families due to its outstanding schools and focus on public safety, Colleyville also provides easy access to other areas of Texas due to two highways running through city limits.


Population: 21,084

Crime Rate: 5.83

A suburb of Dallas, Murphy was named after William Murphy, who provided land for the railroad that was being built in the area back in the late 1800s. The city is still developing, with a focus on fine country living. It’s located in Collin County, which is considered one of the wealthiest counties in the entire United States.

What Are The Safest Cities in East Texas?

Now that we’ve touched on the safest cities throughout Texas, lets shrink our scope a bit and focus on the safest cities in East Texas. 

Sulphur Springs

Population: 16,111

Crime Rate: 12.04

Named for its abundance of sulphurous springs when it was settled, Sulphur Springs is located about 75 miles northeast of Dallas. Forrest Gregg, an inductee of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and former Dallas Cowboys player, started his football career in Sulphur Springs.


Population: 80,814

Crime Rate: 22.56

Pharr is one of the faster growing cities in Texas, having seen a boom in population since the start of the 21st century. That’s all the more impressive when you consider it only covers 23.4 square miles of area. It’s connected to the Mexican city of Reynosa by a bridge.


Population: 12,704

Crime Rate: 26.84

Athens, the self-proclaimed “Black Eyed Peas Capital of the World,” is located just southeast of Dallas. It’s known as a quaint, quiet community where many older folks go for retirement. Athens was once known for its annual Hamburger Festival.


Population: 14,978

Crime Rate: 30.11

Located just east of Tyler, Kilgore is a family-focused community that is also home to the annual Texas Shakespeare festival. Kilgore College is also located within the city limits.


Population: 33,703

Crime Rate: 32.07

Nacogdoches, located near the Angelina National Forest, is the home for Stephen F. Austin University as well as the largest azalea garden in Texas.

What Are The Most Dangerous Cities in Texas?

Finally, we take a look at the most dangerous cities in Texas. Now keep in mind that this is all relative — these selections are based on crime rate statistics. This is not a condemnation of the area or its livability, but rather an indication of the potential safety concerns that exist.


Population: 257,372

Crime Rate: 55.59

While it may not have as high of a crime rate as some of the other cities on this list, it’s the 9.97 crime rate that’s scary. That’s nearly 10 violent crimes committed for every 1,000 citizens. Nicknamed “Hub City,” Lubbock boasts a multi-cultural background and is home to Texas Tech University.


Population: 37,460

Crime Rate: 55.66

This placement seems odd for a popular place like Texarkana, located right near the Arkansas border. However, the numbers speak for themselves — Texarkana boasts one of the highest crime rates in all Texas.


Population: 11,194

Crime Rate: 73.34

Carrying easily the highest crime rate in Texas, Webster clearly has cause for concern. What’s more telling is the 5.72 law enforcement personnel per 1,000 citizens, which is also the highest number throughout the state.


Population: 35,937

Crime Rate: 42.77

Located in Deep East Texas, Lufkin has a surprisingly high crime rate that doesn’t seem to match the homey appeal of the city. It’s home to Angelina College.

San Antonio

Population: 1,539,328

Crime Rate: 46.21

One of the more popular tourist attractions in Texas, San Antonio features the River Walk, the Alamo and the Spurs. Unfortunately, it also features one of the highest violent crime rates in Texas, likely due to the amount of tourists in the area.

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