When it comes to protecting your house, family or business, making security a priority is a must. One of the best ways to secure the most precious things in your life is with an automatic gate.

It’s easy to overlook the option, but it’s one worth considering when it comes to home or commercial security. Considering you’re here reading this, we’ll start by providing some basics and answering the most common questions prospective automatic gate buyers ask.

Let the transfer of knowledge begin!

All About Automatic Gates

There’s no solution too big when you’re looking to safeguard your most prized possessions. Whether it’s automatic gates, surveillance equipment, or thermal cameras, it’s easy to justify taking whatever steps are necessary to give you the sense of security you’re seeking.

Automatic gates are a terrific solution to your security needs, whether it’s commercial or residential. Essentially, automatic gates are gates connected to an electronic motor that can be operated using a receiver or other signal to allow for access.

Furthermore, they provide a strong, reliable barrier between you and any potential threats, while giving your grounds a sense of sophistication and offering owners plenty of control over who accesses their space and when they can access it.

Here are some of the highlights with commercial automatic gates:

  • You’re never without security, as automatic gate openers have a backup battery, meaning everything still functions even if the power goes down
  • In today’s high-tech world, you’ll always be connected with your gate — remote monitoring and control keeps you in control with real-time updates
  • Regardless of size of your business space or the amount of traffic you’re expecting, you can rely on your automatic gate to get the job done

And some highlights with residential automatic gates:

  • They’re affordable (more on that later)
  • A backup battery ensures you’re always protected, even when a power outage has the rest of your neighborhood in the dark
  • No tailgaters — automatic closure after a single car ensures no one slips through your defenses and gets unauthorized access to your property

No matter what your needs are for an automatic gate, the advantages are apparent. An automatic gate can help protect what matters most, whether it be your business, family, pets, or prized bobblehead collection.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s start our Q&A session.

How Much Do Automatic Gates Cost?

The cost of an automatic gate installation ranges widely. Depending on the installer, the type of gate, the material used for the gate, whether or not the motor will be above or below ground, and the design of the gate, the cost can range anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000. It certainly isn’t a cheap endeavor, but you should never skimp when it comes to security.

On average, a residential automatic gate installation costs about $7,000 between hardware, materials, and labor. That amount goes up a bit when it comes to commercial installations, as the hardware often carries a higher price tag due to the need for increased durability.

Generally, the biggest impact on the overall cost of the installation is the choice of gate motor. As you can imagine, though, spending more on the proven product is always the smartest use of your hard-earned money.

While those numbers can sound a bit daunting, can you really put a price on peace of mind?

Can You Automate Existing Gates?

The simple answer is yes. Modifying an existing gate to be automatic is possible, but not in all situations. It depends on the type of gate (swinging gate is ideal), how it’s built, and the type of support structuring already in place. The installer matters as well, as converting an existing gate into an automatic gate can be a tricky business and needs to be done by an expert.

If the conditions do not make sense for a conversion, then a new gate will be needed in order to add the automated functionality to the equation.

What Are the Best Gate Openers?

There are plenty of options available on the market today, but few stand above the rest when it comes to gates for commercial and residential uses.

For residential uses, nothing beats the LiftMaster LA500PKGU. Featuring a powerful motor and swing-gate functionality, this model packs quite the punch while also offering battery backup for up to 500 cycles. It also features MyQ technology, which allows for remote monitoring from your smartphone as well as automated alerts to your email or phone. Prices for this model will vary, but generally falls around $1,300.

As for commercial purposes, you can’t do much better than the LiftMaster CSW24UL. Ideal for high-traffic use, this model features sensors to avoid closing on obstructions, uses a quick-close function that prevents tailgating, and also comes with the MyQ connectivity that puts security at your fingertips. Although prices vary, the LiftMaster CSW24UL usually runs around $1,900.

LiftMaster makes some of the best automatic gates in the business, which is why pros like Gate Opz use their products to keep their customers safe.

What’s Next?

Reach out to the folks at Gate Opz for all of your East Texas security needs. Whether you’re hoping to keep your home safe or restrict access to your business, we’ve got the experts and experience needed to customize a solution that’s perfect for you.